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We are an independent and privately owned holding company which serves our subsidiary companies featured on this site. 


Our primary aim is to ensure that our businesses are run professionally and with proper governance, ensuring best practice at all times, but our wider purpose is to take care of our people and empower them to delight our customers. We do this by promoting teamwork, personal integrity and encouraging every colleague to fulfill their unlimited potential.


We expect work to be challenging but fun, and encourage all of our teams to have a positive outlook, boundless energy and a passion for innovation.


We look for leaders and learners; people who want to serve and people who want to grow; people who don’t let what they can’t do get in the way of what they could do.


We focus on people in this way because it is only through brilliant teams of people that we can deliver the exceptional service our customers deserve. We concentrate on team performance so that the scoreboard looks after itself!

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